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Fr. Tom gives the Blessing on Christmas Eve 2013.

Fr. Tom gives the Blessing on Christmas Eve 2013.

The Rev. Thomas C. Jackson, Interim Vicar Email Fr. Tom

I serve as both the Interim Vicar at St. Cyprian’s and as the Episcopal Chaplain at Stanford University Hospital. Here at St. Cyprian’s I lead worship, preach, coordinate our lay leaders, and offer pastoral care as well as spiritual guidance. I view preaching the Gospel and leading worship as vitally important. In preaching I work to show how God is calling us to live a Christian life in a community where only seven percent of the people go to church on Sunday. By being a voice for progressive Christianity and leading traditional Anglican worship, I strive to offer a new spiritual way to those turned off by televangelists who blame every earthquake and tornado on same sex marriage. The God I know, the one who walks with me in this neighborhood and down long hospital corridors, does not punish people for believing in the equality of all of God’s children. Pastoral care is a third major element of my life and work at St. Cyprian’s. I visit those who are not able to worship here or are in the hospital. I also look to build a vital relationship with each of our members as they search for their own spiritual path in this time and place. I am more interested in helping people find their spiritual way than I am in telling people what to believe or what God wants them to do.  I also welcome all people to our community. At St. Cyprian’s we welcome people of all colors, backgrounds, and life experiences. We reach out to and embrace our LGBT brothers and sisters who for far too long have been judged and wounded by others who claim You can find recent sermons on our web site under Spirituality and more about me here.


hannah ordination croppedThe Rev. Hannah Elyse Cornthwaite, Deacon & Ministry Coordinator Email Deacon Hannah. 




SVIlllage coverThe Reverend Michael Reddig, Associated Clergy  Email Fr. Mike

Fr. Mike Reddig joined us in mid-2012 when he and his wife Judith moved to San Francisco from the East Coast (the Eastern Shore of Maryland and suburban Washington DC) to be close to their children here.  You will see him around St, Cyprian’s helping to lead worship, sharing in providing the music for our 10:10 service, cooking in the kitchen, and working with the children of Spirit Village. More on Fr. Mike.



Stephen Prutsman amd The Reverend Michael Reddig, Volunteer Musicians

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